My Viewpoint


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My Viewpoint is a youth photography initiative invested in young people’s inherent visual curiosity. We are located in Dupree, SD on the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota.

Using the concept of apprenticeship as a model, youth work closely with their mentors who are all professional photographers. This shared practice enables everyone to be a student and a teacher.

My Viewpoint photographers learn through an active hands on process. The youth (aged 7-21) print their images in an onsite darkroom and edit their digital images in Adobe Photoshop.

My Viewpoint believes in the importance of introducing youth to different communities through photographic exchange programs.

My Viewpoint is committed to sharing our images and energy through publications, exhibitions, and public art displays.

My Viewpoint is run through the Sioux YMCA, and in partnership with Daylight Community Arts Foundation.